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The Tyler Arboretum 10k was a great success as we had 246 finishers, about 20% more than last year. The amazing weather contributed to that with beautiful bright skies and brisk chilly air. Heavy rains leading up to the race made for some wet and muddy feet, but nothing stopped this group of determined runners! Overall male and female winners were Nick Geigle, hailing from nearby West Chester, with a time of 40:36, and Jody Zegestowsky, of Huntington Valley, sneaking in under 50 minutes with a time of 49:59. Top Delco RRC runners were Dan Finnegan (57:34) and Elizabeth Brown (1:04:52). Shout-out to our youngest trail runners, Lincoln Narvaez (age 14, 46:12, 6th place overall) and Mercedes Torrens (age 12, 1:06:21).  The future of trail running is bright! Congratulations to all! Thanks to all our volunteers and sponsors for making this event a success!

Thanks to you and the Delco RRC for putting on another great race.  The course can't be beat; and the on-course signage, markings and volunteer support were exceptional, as always (the proverbial blind man couldn't get off course in your race!). --Paul M.

Thank you and all of the staff and organizers for hosting another great race. Tyler Arboretum 10k is a hard, fun and very well run race in a beautiful venue.


The route adjustment brought the race close to 1,000 feel of elevation gain/loss!--Ric T

"Did you


this year?!"

--Darryl Weaver, Overall Champion, 2014

I loved the race.  And the blanket too!

I'm going to recommend it to my running club.


"They (race organizers) do a fantastic job and the execution is impeccable.The course is really hard and I never know where the hell I am in the course.... just trying to keep my eyes on the runner in front of me (and the constantly shifting terrain)"

--Jeff P.

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